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We understand the importance of safeguarding your property and community from the devastating impact of wildfires. We specialize in providing comprehensive FireSmart tree care services to help mitigate the risks associated with wildfires.


Our team of highly trained arbourists is dedicated to creating fire-resistant landscapes and promoting fire safety in our beautiful region.



In the face of increasing wildfire threats, proactive measures are essential to protect our homes and communities. That's where tree pruning becomes a crucial aspect of FireSmart initiatives. Pruning trees not only enhances their health and aesthetics but also significantly reduces the risk of wildfires spreading and threatening residential areas.

Our skilled FireSmart team at Canmore Tree Care carefully assess and selectively prune trees to eliminate deadwood, thin out dense canopies, and create strategic buffer zones. By doing so, we promote a healthier forest ecosystem while creating a fire-resilient landscape.

FireSmart pruning techniques not only impede the fire's ability to climb through tree canopies but also prevent the "ladder effect," which could cause flames to reach elevated structures like homes. Moreover, our approach helps in reducing the potential for ember attacks, one of the primary causes of wildfire spread.

Through our commitment to FireSmart pruning, we empower communities to coexist harmoniously with nature and minimize the risk of fire disasters.



In the battle against wildfires, the strategic removal of trees is a vital aspect of FireSmart practices. Canmore Tree Care is committed to safeguarding communities by identifying and removing high-risk trees that could contribute to the rapid spread of wildfires.

Through meticulous assessment and planning, we target trees that pose a threat due to their proximity to structures, presence of deadwood, diseased or stressed condition, and potential to act as fire pathways. By removing these vulnerable trees, we create essential fuel breaks and defensible spaces, interrupting the path of oncoming fires and mitigating the risk of destruction to homes and property.

Canmore Tree Care follows strict guidelines to ensure that tree removal is done responsibly and with respect for the environment. We focus on preserving the health of the overall forest ecosystem while enhancing the safety of communities at risk.

FireSmart tree removal is an essential step towards building resilient landscapes that can withstand the challenges of wildfires.

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